All About LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

With the new technology and the latest laser machines getting rid of spectacles is easier and instant than before. The following are answers to frequently asked questions provided to help you better understand the LASIK eye surgery procedures offered at Sharp Sight Group of Eye Hospitals.

“I am totally dependent on eye power is exorbitantly high, what should I do? I think I will have to put on these spectacles for life.”

These are the common sentiments of people whose mornings start with a hide-and-seek session as their hands hunt for their pair of misplaced spectacles. So come out of a myth that removal of specs is next to impossible because with LASIK you can lead specs free life.

Let’s look at some common questions that usually hover over people’s mind. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions to help you understand the LASIK laser eye surgery procedure:

Can my Spectacles be Removed Forever?

Simple, straight answer is yes! If you are sick of wearing specs 24/7 or if contact lenses are causing dry or itchy eyes, LASIK treatment is the best option to go for. Not only myopia (nearsightedness) Or hyperopia (farsightedness) but also presbyopia and astigmatism can be treated with modern laser correction techniques.

Can Eye Power be Reduced Naturally?

If we talk about nearsightedness, it’s not possible to reduce the eye power without the professional help of LASIK treatment. This is because myopia doesn’t happen because of the weakness of eye muscles.

  • Considering the reduction of eye power using natural ways in case of hyperopia, then yes, it is possible.
  • Eat healthy, stay fit: Use of green vegetables in the food, carrots, beetroot juice regularly increase the intake of iron and vitamin A in your diet. This helps in strengthening the eye muscles. Mangoes, apricots, almonds, low-fat milk, orange juice, sweet potatoes, salmon are all foods good for the eyes.
  • Do regular exercises: there are plenty of exercises that doctors suggest for people suffering from hyperopia. Doing regular eye exercises help in reducing the eye strain and the chances of an increase in eye power.
  • Get enough sleep: It’s good to take about 8 hours of sound sleep regularly if you want to maintain good eye health.
  • Follow 20/20 rule: In every 20 minutes, you should look at an object that’s 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. This reduces eye strain.

Are contact lenses better than wearing glasses?

Keeping aside LASIK, if we discuss about whether contact lenses or glasses are good for your eyes, then it totally depends on your needs, budget, lifestyles, comfort level and eye health.

Both Come with Their Own Pros and Cons.

  • Contact lenses sit on the curvature of eyes which can provide you with a wider scope of vision, unlike glasses.
  • Photochromic glasses can help in adjusting the amount of light entering your eyes and block the entering of UV rays by 100%. So in this case, glasses can be better.
  • Contact lenses can also often cause dryness of eyes or irritation if you wear them for a longer period of time or if you go to sleep without removing them.
  • Computer vision syndrome is nowadays very common among people working incorporates. If you work on the computer with your contact lenses, it can cause CVS.
  • Moreover, the use of contact lenses or glasses depends on your lifestyle. If you are athletic or do not like the glasses to interfere in your day-to-day activities, you must go for contact lenses. Or, if you want to add on to your fashion statement, then glasses are good to go for.


How to get rid of contact lenses irritation?

Many people who wear contact lenses on a daily basis, experience discomfort in the eyes, especially eye dryness. To get rid of that, you can use the omega 3 fatty acids found in salmon and other fish or add flaxseeds oil in your diet to increase the oily part in tear composition.

You must choose your contact lenses wisely or after having a discussion with your doctor. 

  • There are some people who consider changing their contact lenses every day who feel that they are more prone to airborne allergens. For them, the use of daily disposable lenses prove to be very effective.
  • If you face the problem of dry eyes or irritation in eyes, it is advisable to go for lenses with high water content.
  • Silicone Hydrogel lenses helps in getting rid of the problem of dry eyes. They allow more oxygen to reach your eyes so that your eyes stay hydrated for a longer period of time.

Is it Possible to Remove Specs?

With LASIK treatment, it is possible to correct your vision permanently in such a way that you won’t have to wear contact lenses or glasses anymore.

How to Remove Spectacles Permanently with Operation?

For permanent vision correction, LASIK is the best and effective way. During LASIK, a small flap is created in the cornea so that your surgeon can have access to underlying corneal tissue. It is then reshaped and the correct amount of corneal tissue is then removed and the flap is replaced.

Bladeless LASIK is called FEMTO-LASIK and is good for those who are afraid of blades or any sort of instruments in their eyes. The procedure of creating a thin flap is then done using an ultrasound femtosecond laser and the excimer laser is used to reshape the corneal tissue for your vision correction.

This advanced method of FEMTO-LASIK is popular because of the precision in vision correction.

This procedure also reduces the risk associated with the microkeratome (bladed surgical instrument).

For more queries on LASIK laser eye surgery or to seek an appointment with our LASIK expert, speak to our customer care representative.  

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