Cataract Surgery in Eyes with Glaucoma

Cataract is in itself a troublesome disorder of the eye causing clouding in its lens and making it difficult to see things clearly. And to top it all, if the eye is also suffering from glaucoma, another fatal disease of the eyes then it becomes a tricky situation to treat such a condition. That is why a decision to operate upon cataract in eye already suffering from glaucoma requires lot of planning, consultation and careful analysis of problem at hand including the degree of severity of both the diseases and their impact on the eye.

Cataract in eye

It is a part and parcel of the natural ageing process of the eye. As we grow old, our chances of developing cataract in one or both the eyes also increase. Research shows people between the ages of 65 and 75 years have 80% chances of developing cataract. And people above 75 years have 100% chances of getting cataract.

It usually doesn’t interfere with the eye’s vision initially. And the treatment for cataract is quite successful and quick.

Glaucoma in the eye

Glaucoma just like cataract is also an age related disease. So it is no wonder that many people already with cataract in their eyes contract glaucoma as well. It is a disease which damages the optic nerve if the eye. This optic is responsible for transmitting the visual signal from eye to the brain. Once it’s damaged, it leads to blurred vision and permanent blindness.

It is quite essential to detect glaucoma in its early stages because unlike cataract, the damage caused by this disease is irreversible.

How to treat cataract in eyes with glaucoma?

Cataract Surgery with Glaucoma
Cataract Surgery with Glaucoma

Only an experienced set of ophthalmologists can perform the tailor made treatment for jointly treating cataract in glaucoma affected eye must take many factors into consideration and each case should one treated individually.

When cataract is dormant-If cataract doesn’t interfere with the glaucoma patients activities, then there is no immediate requirement of cataract surgery in the eye. The glaucoma can be treated first with laser surgery or medication.

When glaucoma is dormant- Cases with mild glaucoma in cataract patients can focus on surgical removal of cataract first while easing off eyes pressure caused by glaucoma through medicine.

When both cataract and glaucoma are severe– In cases where both cataract and glaucoma require immediate medical immediate attention, a combination treatment involving cataract removal and glaucoma filtering procedure can be applied.

As you can see these are case sensitive treatments which cannot be handled by just about anyone. For this you require the services highly experienced ophthalmologists well versed in cataract surgery and glaucoma treatment. Sharp Sight Centre in Delhi, India is known for its cataract surgery in glaucoma patients.

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