Children and Computer Vision Syndrome

Has your child lately shown any signs of fatigue, red eyes? Do his eyes constantly water? Has he been complaining about headaches, backaches? Now let’s retrace a bit and let me ask you another question- how much time your child spend sitting on computer/laptops/smartphones? These two questions are interrelated because the above mentioned signs are not just for weak eyes. But these are also the symptoms for a disorder called computer vision syndrome.

Computer vision syndrome or CVS is a disorder which affects both adults and children alike. Since children’s’ eye muscles are still developing as they grow up, they are more likely to fall prey to this disorder. When you spend long hours stretched out in front of computer or laptops, it causes havoc to our eye sight as well our health.

Kids these days are hooked on to the digital world and have an easy access to all the latest tools of communication and entertainment. In such a scenario, they are exposed all the time to the harmful ill effects that comes along with using computers, Xboxes, game boys etc. It is a duty of a parent to take care of their child and their health. But it’s not easier said than done. With almost everything being taught on computers, kids tend to develop a fixation with them.

Children and Computer Vision Syndrome
Children and Computer Vision Syndrome

So what can a parent do to prevent his or her child from getting computer vision syndrome?

  • Proper guidance & counseling

You need to monitor the hours our child sits on the computer, limit it to a certain amount of time so that he or she doesn’t end up in front of it at all hours especially late nights.

  • Correct posture

Make sure the posture of your child is correct while sitting on the computer. The monitor should be at eye level to the kid’s eye. Also see that the chair he is sitting in is at a proper angle. He should be sitting straight and not slouching which causes back aches.

  • Right lighting

While setting up computer in your child’s room make sure it’s not directly in front of light or too much away from it. The lighting in the room should be just right so as not to cause any strain on the eyes of the child.

  • Eating habits

Every ophthalmologist that you will consult for your child’s eyes will suggest thus- change eating habits of your kids. Include vitamin A and beta coratine rich food in your child’s diet to keep his eye sight healthy.

  • Consult a good eye doctor

You should always consult a professional when it comes to child’s healthcare. An experienced eye doctor will be able to help you a lot better in diagnosing and treating computer vision syndrome.

  • Regular eye examinations

It is recommended that you should go in for eye tests every once a year so that any eye disorders or diseases affecting your vision can be identified in their early stages only and can get suitable treated.

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