Children Summer Vacation Special- Show Your School Id And Get Free Eye Checkup

This summer vacation gift your child the most special gift of all-health! Take your child for a free eye checkup. Yes, this summer, Sharp Sight Centre, one of the most prolific eye hospitals in India is offering free eye checkup service for children across the country. All you need to do is produce your child’s school ID and he or she will be eligible for a free eye checkup at all the centres of Sharp Sight Centre- Delhi, NCR, UP, Srinagar and on recently opened centre in Sharjah in east a look at your kid’

Free Eye Check-up for Children
Free Eye Check-up for Children

So why should you take your child for eye examination?

To answer your own question, just take a look at your kid’s daily routine. How much time he spends on television, computer, laptop, smartphones, playstattion? The world we are living in today is full of gadgets and gizmos to which are children are hooked. There is no way round it.

In order to quell the craze and the harmful effects of these gadgets on our child’s eyes, you can either monitor their viewing hours or consult a doctor. I would advise you to opt for the latter option because the ophthalmologist will not only guide you towards adapting a healthy lifestyle for your child but also gives you tips and advise that would come in really helpful in avoiding eye troubles for your kid in the future.

According to a recent American survey, every 1 in 4 child is suffering from one or the other eye disease. Children as small as 3 years old are being diagnosed with refractive disorders and have to take the aid of spectacles.

It is thus essential to look after the health of your child’s eyes because they are at a growing age and their eye muscles are still in the process of development. It requires special attention. As a parent thus it is your duty to take your child for regular eye examination to know beforehand if their eyes are being affected by any eye disease or disorder.

Benefits from free eye check at Sharp Sight Centre

  • You don’t have to pay anything absolutely anything for the eye check of your child! It’s free of cost.
  • With Sharp Sight Centre having its presence in various corners of Delhi, NCR, UP and as far as Srinagar in India it is quite easy for you to avail the free eye check up service in summers.
  • Sharp Sight Centre hires only the world class ophthalmologists and experienced staff on hand.
  • It houses state of the art technology and uses only most advanced and modern methods of eye treatments.
  • All you need is a school ID card of your child and free eye check up will be made available for you.
  • Sharp Sight Centre is known for its affordable rates for eye treatments and high success rate.

Sharp Sight Centre believes in giving something back to the community and that is why it has come up with free eye check up service for children across the country. Avail the offer now!

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