Children’s Eye Health And Safety

Childhood eye diseases are something which you might have wrestled in your adolescent years or might be in the process of dealing with them as they occur in your own kids! It is a matter of serious concern when a child develops an eye disorder. It is not something which should be taken lightly.


Child Eye Care
Child Eye Care

To resolve the issues of child vision problems, a sub specialty branch of ophthalmology was developed known as pediatric ophthalmology. It takes care of child’s health and safety by curing vision problems and eye diseases of the childhood.

You must remember that a good vision is quite essential for the proper growth of a child in terms of academics as well social performance because every aspect of a child’s life is affected by his eyesight. Exactly how much it affects vision we shall come to that later.

Ophthalmologists always recommend regular eye exams especially for children because during their younger age, their eye muscles are in the process of development and requires special care to eliminate any disorder or disease if detected.

Why child eye healthcare is important?

  • Growing children need good vision for their mental and physical development.
  • With regular eye tests, any vision problem can be cured timely before they hamper the growth of the child.
  • Eye vision lays the foundation for educational as well as sports, interaction and other activities.
  • Since young children are not that equipped to take care of their eyes or understand its importance properly, parents should constantly monitor for their child’s eye healthcare.

Major eye diseases faced in childhood

  • Refractive errors like near/farsightedness, astigmatism
  • Retinopathy
  • Strabismus or squint
  • Amblyopia or lazy eye
  • Blocked tear ducts
  • Juvenile diabetes affecting eye
  • Eye injury or trauma
  • Rheumatoid arthritis affecting vision

A good ophthalmologist after running adequate tests can determine whether a child requires glasses and prescribe corrective eye glasses and identify any of the above-mentioned problems and advice a proper course of action including surgery.


As a matter of fact, world renowned eye hospital Sharp Sight Centre offers the best Squint (Strabismus) surgery and Lazy eye (Amblyopia) surgery in Delhi, India. The hospital which employs up to date technology and experienced ophthalmologists advises that a child’s eye care should start when the child is 6 months old.

Benefits of children’s eye healthcare and safety

  • Opthalmologists and eye hospitals like Sharp Sight Centre have necessary instruments, technology and expertise to successfully examine and identify any vision problems affecting a child’s eyes.
  • Regular eye checkups and monitoring of child’s progress ensure proper health development of the child.
  • Many times, child vision problems cause learning disabilities and cannot even be recognized until diagnosed at school or by ophthalmologist. Proper eye care will eradicate any such issues.
  • Annual eye exams allow Red reflex test for newborns which can determine whether the child will have any vision problems in future as well diagnosis of lazy eye or squint in infants.

Sharp Sight Centre provides excellent squint, lazy eye surgery and regular eye exams under pediatric ophthalmology in Delhi, India. Contact now!


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