Different Types Of Intraocular Lens Implanted After Cataract Surgery

“There is nothing much you can do when your eyes lose their ability to see things clearly.” If you have been told this and believe in the above mentioned line then let me tell you one thing-YOU ARE CLEARLY WRONG!

The 21st century and its modern medicine can modify bodily errors with an ease that will shock you! The crux of the matter is that if you are experiencing blurred vision or cannot focus on things properly due to vision impairment caused by cataract in the eye then you can always opt for intraocular lens replacement surgery available at sharp sight centre, one of the best in business in Delhi/NCR, India.

As a matter of fact, the sharp sight group of eye hospitals situated in the region of Delhi/NCR and Srinagar in India offers a wide variety of intraocular lens or replacement lens for cataract surgery. The eye hospital has been counted amongst one of the best for IOL surgery for cataract in Delhi.

A brief about cataract

It causes clouding of the lens which is responsible for focusing the light onto the back of the eye known as retina. This retina in turn helps us see the image. If the lens becomes blurred so does the image. It is thus essential to treat cataract ASAP!

Cataract Eye Surgery
Cataract Eye Surgery

Cataract surgery is quite a common procedure that requires few minutes for replacing the natural lens of the eye with an intraocular lens or IOL.

Different types of intraocular lens implanted after cataract surgery

Aberration free or zero aberration IOL– The use of traditional IOLs used to left aberration in eyes of the patients which ultimately led to degrading image quality and distorted vision. To rectify this error, sharp sight centre provides zero aberration IOLs transplant surgery for cataract. It has improved vision quality by manifolds and doesn’t cause any scars.

Monofocal Lens– Usually patients with numbered eyes, get monofocal lens implant as they are fixed to match singular distance vision. Due to this shortcoming, many people still needed to wear glasses to address their high power needs.

Multifocal Lens– As an answer to the discrepancy of monofocal lens, a new variety of multifocal IOL has been introduced in the market which provides variable focus to patients for near and far distance. These intraocular lenses have already become a hit with people coming in for cataract surgery. Sharp Sight Centre have been regularly implanting multifocal lens for cataract in Delhi, India quite successfully.

Toric IOLs-They are recommended for people suffering from astigmatism going in for cataract surgery. It reduces dependency on spectacles and gives clear vision. Sharp sight centre offers reduction of pre operative cylindrical power in cataract patients.

Crystalens- Also known as accommodative lens it imitates the flexibility of the natural lens of the young eye. Sharp sight centre were amongst the first few to introduce Crystalens surgery for cataract in Delhi/NCR.

Besides this, the hospital is also known for its advanced S-MICS surgery for cataract in Delhi.

Take your pick from different types of IOLs available for cataract patients at sharp sight centre!

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