Glaucoma is counted amongst few of those diseases that can cause irreversible damage to your eyes. As a matter of fact, there have been many instances found in which glaucoma has cost a patient complete loss of vision in its patients- especially those who don’t go n for treatments and regular checkups. It is true that as of now, there is no cure for reversing the damage done by this dangerous eye disease. But if glaucoma is detected in its early stages, then there are several treatments which can ensure your eyes restore most of their vision before the situation worsens.

How does glaucoma affect eyes?


Glaucoma is the disease of the optic nerve of the eye. It adversely damages the blood vessels in the retina of the eye which in turn leads to loss of vision partially or sometimes even permanently. When the natural fluid draining mechanism of the eye gets blocked, then it starts building pressure on the blood vessels inside the eye. This situation gives birth to the disease called glaucoma.

Glaucoma is a disease that takes several years to fully show itself in the eyes. Most of us might complain about a blurred vision at times or redness in eyes or extreme sensitivity to light- But all of these symptoms are quite similar to some other eye diseases as well. So, it becomes quite difficult to narrow down it to glaucoma only. People with diabetes are particularly at more risk!

 How can we find out if we have glaucoma?

To avoid situations wherein you become aware about the deteriorating condition of your eye quite late in the day, sharp sight centre, a 13 year old group of eye hospitals in Delhi, NCE and Srinagar in India suggests going in for annual eye examinations. These regular eye exams help identify the disease at the beginning only. And one can get the necessary treatment before the damage becomes too much!

Sharp sight centre excels in regular eye exams as well glaucoma treatments at all its major centres in and around Delhi and Srinagar. You will find cure for all your eye troubles here.

How many types of glaucoma are there?

At present, there are two major kinds of glaucoma-open angled glaucoma and closed angle glaucoma.

Open angled glaucoma- it takes years to come to surface so the patient doesn’t even know that he has glaucoma before it’s too late!

Closed angle glaucoma– it is caused due to severe trauma and leads to immediate blindness!

Why is getting glaucoma treated on time important?

If you are not paying attention to the danger signs and still avoiding getting your eyes checked for glaucoma- then be prepared. Only darkness awaits you in the near future! This is not cruelty but a reality check! And you can stop it from coming true. Simply go to a good ophthalmologist or eye care centre like sharp sight centre in Delhi, India and get your eyes the treatment they deserve. Don’t let glaucoma darken your life. Be a smart patient and get medical help.

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