Glaucoma Can Be Controlled With Timely Treatment

When Sujata (38) was told that she is a suspicious case of glaucoma, a “silent thief of eyesight”, she couldn’t believe her ears. Tears trickled down her eyes with the scary thought of going blind in her old age. But, after her ophthalmologist informed her that with regular eye examinations and timely treatment she can definitely lead a normal life, she took a sigh of relief. Glaucoma causes vision loss either when it’s diagnosed a bit late; probably at the stage when already some vision loss has happened or if the patient skips his/her medications or fails to take any treatment. Many a times there could be delay in seeking any kind of treatment for glaucoma but that’s because in its early stages glaucoma develops without any noticable symptoms. Thus, it’s the untreated glaucoma that leads to permanent damage of the optic nerve which then progresses to and angle-closure

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Glaucoma can be divided into two main categories, “open-angle” and “angle-closure” glaucoma.

Angle-closure glaucoma develops rapidly as a result of quickly rising pressure inside the eye. Whereas, in case of Open-angle glaucoma drainage channels are not compressed by iris and should work properly, but they are clogged, like blood vessels clogged by cholesterol. But, similar to blood vessels blockage causing heart diseases, this happens slowly over time and causes unperceivable loss of eyesight.


Glaucoma Symptoms

Glaucoma Symptoms

Besides gradually decreasing eyesight there are usually no symptoms for Open-angle glaucoma. Whereas, in case of Angle-closure glaucoma some of the following symptoms may occur:

* Pain and redness in the eye

* Blurred and reduced vision

* Headache and vomiting

* Cloudy cornea

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So, if you experience any of these symptoms or if you are looking for a glaucoma specialist in Delhi NCR, contact Sharp Sight, one of the best eye hospitals in Delhi. We rank among top ten eye hospitals offering best glaucoma treatment in Delhi through latest equipments at affordable cost.

glaucoma Risk Factors

Risk Factors 

* High Intraocular (Eye) Pressure

* Age 50 or above

* Family history of glaucoma

* Suspicious optic nerve appearance

* Thin cornea

* High Myopia (nearsightedness)

* Diabetes

* Hypertension

* Eye Injury/Surgery 

Glaucoma Treatment Options

Glaucoma progression can be controlled by treatment options that include laser surgery, eye drops, other surgical procedures or through combination of these techniques. At Sharp Sight, one of the best eye hospital for glaucoma treatment in Delhi, we advise comprehensive eye examination besides eye pressure test and a range of other tests which are an important part of the examination for glaucoma patients. Our doctors help you select the treatment best suited for your eyes and keeping your health history in mind.

Many patients can control their symptoms with medicated eye drops. These eye drops must be used daily to control the symptoms of glaucoma.

However, some patients with glaucoma may need surgery. So, if you are already diagnosed with glaucoma and looking for glaucoma surgery in Delhi, contact us. At Sharp Sight, a hospital that assures best glaucoma treatment in Delhi, we offer Laser eye surgery with no risk or side effects. These treatments will allow the fluid to drain from your eye and decrease intraocular pressure.

With glaucoma, early prevention is the best way to stop its progression.


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