Keep Your Eyes Safe During Holidays

Taking care of your eyes is very essential at all the times let alone during the holidays. It is only through the medium of our eyes that we can see and apprehend things coming our way. If due to some reason we are not able to see clearly then the whole holiday can be ruined! Sharp Sight Centre, a famous eye health care establishment in Delhi/NCR and Srinagar in India provides a comprehensive list of expert approved eye care tips for holidays.

Eye care tips while traveling

 Have you ever wondered what would happen while navigating through airports and train station you lost your only pair of glasses or co tact lenses? Won’t it be a tiresome situation to be in? Well take a look at our helpful eye care tips for while traveling.

  • Make sure you always pack an extra pair of contact lenses and glasses. It is a given while holidaying you will lose either of them or might break them accidentally.
  • Carry enough cleaning solution for both the lenses as well as glasses to protect your eyes against any kind of infection and allergies.
  • Make sure your eyes are protected against the harmful UV rays of sun by wearing prescription UV sunglasses.

Eye care tips for summer holidays

protect_your_eyes_snapshot summerholiday

Summer time means holiday time. And if you are going to lie down on sunny beaches and roam around the sunshine holiday destinations then you must pay heed to following eye care tips for holidaying in summer

  • Always wear sunglasses– Sun emits very harmful invisible rays known as ultra violet or UV rays. These rays have been known to cause various types of cataract and macular degeneration in the eye and even lead to temporary blindness. To avoid such harmful effects, wear UV protected sunglasses.
  • Wear sunglasses on cloudy days as well- Even during a cloudy day, sunglasses will protect you against any rays.
  • Drink plenty of water-Keep yourself hydrated at all times.

Eye care tips for skiing holidays

Many of you might consider holidaying in the hilly terrains on other side of the equator which are in full swing on snow and skiing. Eye care is extremely important in winter season as it is during the summers. In this season, the eyes become dry due to lack of moisture in the weather. You can try our eye care tips for skiing holidays

  • Great vision is quite important to ski properly. Make sure your sports sunglasses fit correctly and not slip along your nose while skiing.
  • Sunlight reflects off snow covered slopes which causes the problem of glare for skiers. Try wearing anti glare high quality polarized sports sunglasses that provide enough protection from UV rays.

Holiday season is upon us. Make sure you take good care of your eyes to enjoy fully your vacation. And even then, if a problem occurs you can rely on the excellent services of Sharp Sight Centre in Delhi, India that will provide healthy eye care solutions for all problems like cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy etc.

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