If your vision is not clear, then how can you enjoy the marvels of beauty around? The visionary aid, eyes are one of the most indispensable and sensitive sense organs, which require special care or treatment in case of any defect. Sharp Sight Group of Eye Hospitals is a leading eye care chain in North India which renders a world class eye care treatment to one and all.

Deepshikha Sharma is the Chief Operating Officer of Sharp Sight Eye.

The roots of Sharp Sight Laser Centre Pvt. Ltd. were established in 2002 by two entrepreneurs and ace Ophthalmologists, Dr. Samir Sud and Dr. Kamal Kapur with the objective to provide quality eye care in the areas, which were deprived of standardized medical facilities. They also strongly believe that every stratum is entitled to high-quality eye care (World Eye class eye care for classes & masses).

Their first center was established in East Delhi.

It’s been a long and enriching journey of 20 years that has shaped the company.

With the trust of more than 10 Lac happy patients, over 5 Lac successful surgeries and procedures, Sharp Sight has established itself as a leading eye care provider in North India with seven centers and 2 collaborations in Tajikistan and Nigeria.

Very soon Sharp Sight will be setting its footprints in UP, Bihar, Himachal and North East by adding 40 new eye hospitals to provide a world-class eye care facility at affordable prices in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

Offering high-quality eye care treatment to people of all age groups from ‘Cradle to Death,’ it’s the part of their noble profession.

Deepshikha Sharma states, “It is very gratifying to see patients getting back their vision and the smile that comes across their faces post-treatment. Bringing back vision and the joys back into the life of people is what we do.”


Sharp Sight is always been recognized as an organization that stays on top of any new technological breakthrough or offerings that are introduced into the market. They are amongst the first in the country to adopt any new technology that can make a difference to the patient. Continuously upgrading their systems, processes, and infrastructure to stay on the top of the curve, is an integral part of the processes. Encouraging continuous internal training and future leadership programs to nurture and develop managers who think out of the box and are able to bring disruptive trends in the market. Believe in creating directional changes, which other people subsequently follow. The real need is not in Tier 1 cities but in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities which they are aiming to entrench themselves in smaller cities and towns so that they can successfully ride the rising wave as this is where the real market lies.


Research and Development is the axis of rotation around which the growth and innovation swirl. Without going deep into the field, the assurity of going further ceases.

The synonym of R&D in their perspective is innovation, and it is the only way by which any organization can grow. Innovation in their organization like usage of Technology to provide treatment to patients in remote areas by Tele Ophthalmology, usage of AI to educate the patient on the importance of regular eye checkups, understanding of how a patient would react to different offerings through profiling and AI, are some of the examples of innovation that they have adopted and with great success.

Talking about the values and ethos that the entrepreneur follows, Deepshikha says “Patient Centricity, Integrity, Ownership, Care, Warmth, Team spirit, open communication and zero tolerance to any unethical work are the values and ethos that we strongly encourage in our company. In my personal life integrity, inclusiveness, care and compassion are the most critical value systems.”


“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”~Henry Ford

The above-scribbled lines exude the essence of truth. The team forms an integral part of any system, processor group. Single we are a fragmented identity; together we can move the mountains.  Anyone joining Sharp Sight becomes a Sharp Sighter; they don’t encourage the word ‘employee’ in the system. In the Company’s culture, Sharp Sighter’s delight and happiness are paramount.

Believing in the mantra: delighted colleague can give a delightful experience to a patient, Sharp Sight is a very inclusive organization, and every team member is involved in critical decision-making.

They make sure of sharing objectives and thought processes right from the front line team and take their views and inputs. They encourage a lot of team building activities and cross-functional alignment programs to bring synergy and ownership across the organization.

They have also created an ESOP program that makes their team members partners on the achievement of pre-defined milestones.

Deepshikha Sharma states,

“Patient Centricity, Integrity, Ownership, Care, Warmth, Team spirit and open communication with zero tolerance to any unethical work are the values and ethos that we strongly encourage in our company. In my personal life integrity, inclusiveness, care and compassion are the most critical value systems.”


Maya Angelou to provide us courage in the dark said the below lines,

“Stand Up straight and realize who you are, that tower over your circumstances.”

The entrepreneur states,

“I started my carrier with Tata Motors in the year 2001 as a sales and admin executive, which I had to leave because of personal reasons and coming from a middle-class family the challenges were obvious. The moment of epiphany happened when I joined Sharp Sight in the year 2003, which was the turning point of my life.”

Maintaining a symphony of balance between personal and professional life was the biggest obstacle, and above this being a single mother doubled the complexities. The greatest obscurity was to maintain coherence between her passion for work and a beautiful daughter. The backbone was her family, which was with her in all ups and downs.

She says,” it’s only because of their support I am where I am. In life, the only thing which is constant is change, and there is always an up after a down. I also hold very strong believe in the fact that if one desires anything from the heart and who does not leave any stone unturned to make it happen, then the entire ecosystem comes to your support and paves the path for achieving the desire.”


Listening and trusting your team members are the greatest sources of inspiration and motivation. The most important criterion for a leader is to motivate and inspire the team through listening as she believes listening helps in understanding and motivating each individual. Additionally, trusting the team gives them enough space to share ideas and execute them, which have helped the entrepreneur to motivate the entire team. She always tried to spend time with her entire team on one on one basis at regular intervals, and she is available 24×7 to anybody in the organization. The ace woman also ensures that every team member understands and believes that they are all working for a very noble cause (bringing back smile in every eye).

For striking the chords of motivation, she shares her journey in the organization from handling the reception to running an entire enterprise, which continuously tries to imbibe the thought in them for wanting to do something and believing in it plays a very big role in making anything happen. No special degree or educational qualification is required to make things happen.

The maestro does not have any big achiever in the national or global forum as her role model, but all people around whom she works with; the struggles these people go through and still have a smile on their faces every day inspire her.

People who have contributed to her success in life and the struggles they have gone through in their lives are the mantras for inspiration.

“I believe in KARMA and it’s a very strong belief that anybody who follows their Karma in a righteous way will be successful. Success is not money but happiness and the desire of people around you to achieve something that you have achieved.”~ Deepshikha Sharma


Presently they are a group of 7 hospitals with 2 international collaborations and are looking at building this to over 40 centers in the next 5 years in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. They aim to make a difference to 40 million eyes.

They have a policy of not letting anybody be deprived of treatment due to monitory reasons. Although they do not have a separate CSR budget, they conduct a lot of free eye checkup camps in the low middle class and peripheral areas. Any patient who needs intervention is treated free of cost if he/she cannot afford the treatment. This is part of their stupendous work culture.


Deepshikha Sharma shares her success mantra, “One should not let adversity impact you but should be seen as an opportunity to move upwards. Adversities teach you lessons, which keep one in the good state during ups. Try to help people to move up in their lives and be a contributor to happiness. Help as many people as you can without any expectation and always have a smile on your face.”


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