Some Valuable Vision Tips That Will Save Your Eyes This Summer

The month of June is upon us and the mighty sun is beating down on our oxygen starved soul as brutally as ever. It is that time of the year when summer is in its full bloom and staying outside in the sunshine for long is not advisable at all.

The harmful invisible rays of the sun known as UV rays cause enough damage to our skin and body that we indulge willingly in the use of various sun protection creams, sunscreens, body wraps etc. But what about shielding our eyes which also get affected by the sun?

Yes, the UV rays of sun severely harm the human eyes if exposed for long periods in sun. Granted the effect takes a long time to show nonetheless it’s fatal enough for you to take serious action beforehand. There is scientific evidence that shows the extent of the damage to eyes by UV rays.

As a matter of fact, several types of cataract have been known to develop in the eye with prolonged exposure in the sun. Macular degeneration, pain in the cornea and thickening of the thin membrane of the white of the eye called conjunctive are certain other ill effects of summer heat.

Now before you decide to lock yourself up inside your home and live in a vampire kind of environment all summer, just check out our vision tips for keeping your safe from the sun’s UV rays. Keep your paranoid minds in check and pay heed to the following advice

Stay away from the midday sun– It is during the time between 11 am to 3 pm in the noon that the sun is at its dangerous best. Try avoiding going out during that time period. And even if you have to go outside, venture out with protection in the form of sunscreen with minimum UV 30 protection hat, scarves and sunshades.

Wear UV protected sunglasses– Not all sunglasses are of same quality. You need good sunshades the provide protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Don’t hesitate splurging on a nice pair of UV protected sunglasses. After all it’s for your eyes only.

Always keep an extra pair with you– You never know that your sunglasses might fail you and break. Keep a spare set with you always going out in the sun. You never know when it can come in handy!

Wear sunglasses on cloudy days too– It is a well known fact that you can get sun burnt even on a cloudy day. Wear your sunglasses the time while outside.

Wash your eyes with cold water- It is best to keep your eyes clean with cold water.

Keep yourself hydrated– Drink plenty of water while outside in the sun as your body might get dehydrated due to excessive heat. It will also keep your eyes from going dry.

Enjoy the summer season fully by taking simple steps to protect your eye from UV rays. Sharp Sight Centre in Delhi/NCR, India runs a fantastic treatment program for diseases like macular degeneration, corneal pains and cataracts. Contact them at:

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