Treatment for Common Childhood Vision Disorders Available At Sharp Sight Centre

Childhood eye diseases are something which we all have struggled with over time. Some people got it easy with early detection and effective treatment.While others who were not so lucky to get their eyes checked and treated on time had to bear the brunt of various common eye diseases of childhood like amblyopia or lazy eye, strabismus or squint etc.

eye problem in children
eye problem in children

Some common childhood vision disorders are following

  • Amblyopia
  • Strabismus
  • pediatric glaucoma
  • premature retinoblastoma
  • brain disorder affecting vision
  • retinopathy

There is nothing more wrong in this world than taking away the dreams and visions of a bright future away from a child just because his eyes doesn’t function properly and have been affected by any childhood eye diseases.

More often than not, parents \might feel regret for not taking proper action to eradicate these diseases when it was due. That is why senior pediatric ophthalmologists at Sharp Sight Centre in Delhi, India strongly advise regular eye exams for children as old as 6 months.

A child’s eye care starts when he is an infant. There is a red reflex test done at the Sharp Sight centre which determines any future eye problems the child might be born with. The action can be taken immediately to secure child’s vision and save the parents and the child himself a lot of trouble.

Sharp Sight Centre wishes to provide a healthy and safe vision for children protected against any common eye diseases of childhood. And this is the foremost reason for its including pediatric ophthalmology in its eye care services since its establishment in 1997.

Since then the centre has been working diligently towards achieving a healthy childhood for all its little patients by ensuring safety for their eyes and preserving their vision.

Sharp Sight Centre so far has successfully treated childhood vision problems in more than 7,000 children and has stopped major eye diseases hampering children’s vision like glaucoma, cataract, hereditary disorders etc.

Sharp Sight Group of Eye Hospitals with its 5 centres stationed in major locations round Delhi, NCR and Srinagar in India thoroughly understands the value of healthy eyes and the role they play in overall development of a child in terms of physical, mental as well social growth.

Besides this, the centre also offers regular eye exams for kids starting from age 3 years just before they start school and annual checkups thereon to know whether the kid might be suffering from any learning disability due to lazy eye, squint or blurred vision caused by refractive errors.

Sharp Sight Centre boasts of large number of highly experienced world renowned pediatric ophthalmologists along with other specialists for various eye diseases affecting both adults and children. The hospital is strongly supported by state of the art infrastructure, up to date technology and efficient team of doctors, nurses, orderlies, counselors, managers to make it a success since past 13 years.

Healthy and safe vision for every child is the motto of Sharp Sight Centre which specializes in lazy eye (ambolpyia) surgery and squint (strabismus) surgery in Delhi, India.

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