What Happens To Vision As We Age?

The most appalling drawback of ageing is perhaps the steady loss of your vision. As we age, our eye muscles starts becoming weak and losing their ability to focus which leads to blurred vision. Most of the times, this problem is rectified via wearing glasses both for far and near. But many times the problem is caused due to side effect of an eye disease that also comes as a package deal with increasing age.

What happens to our vision as we age?


Loss of peripheral vision-with increasing age, our eyes cannot focus on side view.

Diminishing color vision-the ability to differentiate between color starts reducing as eye muscles start growing more weak.

Reduced pupil size– Too much harsh light or too much dim lights plays havoc on our vision as our eye muscles are not that strong to comprehend to these conditions.

Dry Eyes– As we age, our eyes produce fewer tears leaving them dry.

There are zillions of eye diseases and disorders that affect our vision as we grow old. And if proper treatment is not meted out then these diseases can also lead us to complete loss of vision i.e. blindness. To prevent such catastrophe it is this advised to everyone to go in for regular eye exams. These eye exams help in detection of any of such harmful eye diseases early on and could save your vision from deteriorating over time.

Sharp Sight Centre presents a list of dangerous eye diseases that have the ability to affect our vision for the worse as we age. Have a look

Diabetic retinopathy– This although a disease that affects the diabetic patients or those with high levels of sugar in their blood, can cause severe damage to your vision.

It leads to partial or complete blindness. Its best treatment is surgery in the earlier stages as the damage done by this disease is irreversible.

Presbyopia- It affects the ability of the eye to focus on closer objects. The best way to treat is through customized glasses or vision correction surgery in certain extreme cases.

Glaucoma– It damages the blood vessels in the retina of the eye leading to blurred vision. Glaucoma requires immediate attention and people with diabetes are quite prone to this disease.

Cataract- It clouds the natural lens of the eye causing foggy vision. Cataract is the most common age related eye disease and easily curable with cataract lens implant surgery.

Refractive eye disorders– Myopia nearsightedness, hyperopia or farsightedness and astigmatism are some of the side effects of weak eye muscles. Either you opt for glasses contact lenses or Lasik laser eye surgery to correct vision permanently.

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