What Is Dry Eye Syndrome?

Dry eyes are something which has caused trouble for us at one point or other in our life. As a matter of fact, a recently conducted survey told that around 17-30% of all people experience the dry eye syndrome and its symptoms at some point in their life.

The most common age group to get affected by the syndrome are those above the age of 60 years while 14% of people over the age of 40 years have already started experiencing certain symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

With changing lifestyles came a bevy of diseases which hampered our bodies in one way or another. Eye diseases like computer eye syndrome have been born specifically due to over digitization of our world. In such a scenario developing dry eye syndrome is as common as getting a cold!

 Dry eyes are usually seen as a side effect or a symptom of major other eye problems like CVS, diabetes glaucoma, ptosis, entropion etc. This is the foremost reason for people not paying attention to this condition which requires a separate treatment of its own.

Dry Eye Syndrome

Always bear in mind, never ignore any eye related problems or shrug it off as lifestyle side effect. Your eyes require proper care and if you don’t give it to them, the results could be as dire as blindness.

Following are some main symptoms of dry eye syndrome which can help you identify whether you have this disease or not

Dry Eye Syndrome
  • itching or redness in the eye
  • continuous irritation and pain in the eye
  • extreme sensitivity to light
  • occasional excessive secretion of mucus
  • something stuck in the eye sensation
  • excessive tears running down the cheeks from eyes
  • blurred vision

Who are at more risk with dry eye syndrome?

Usually women are more at risk to suffer from dry eye syndrome or DES as compared to men. The main reason behind this undertaking is that in male hormones, androgen is very effective in maintaining glands who are responsible for giving aqueous layer of the tear film to produce an oily substance.

Causes behind dry eye syndrome   

Apart from the normal ageing process, following are the major causes of DES

  • Use of certain medicines like oral contraceptives
  • over exposure of eyes in conditions which dry out the tear film
  • diseases affecting the ability of anyone to create tears
  • structural defects in eyelids-tear flow imbalance in the eyes

Treatment for Dry Eye Syndrome

  • artificial tear drops and ointments
  • Punctual occlusion which refers to temporary or permanent closure of tear ducts which drain out the tears from eyes. This significantly reduces DES symptoms.

Dry Eye Syndrome if not treated in time will cause a major handicap to your lifestyle and diminish your professional as well personal life quality. It is best to consult a good ophthalmologist for treating DES in a proper way. Sharp Sight Centers in Delhi, India are known for their diagnostics and tests along with treatment for ptosis, entropion, occuplasty and cataract surgery in Delhi/NCR, India. Contact them now!

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