Why Regular Eye Exams Are Important For Children?

It’s a well known fact that children needs more healthcare than adults as their muscles are still in the process of development and with proper nurturing and care they can become really fit human beings. Now, that is why you will find doctors stressing upon the importance of regular health checkups for children. And eye care also comes under this category. Certainly you wouldn’t want your child’s eyesight to be affected by any kind of disorders or diseases.

To prevent a situation where in your child’s vision gets affected you should go in for regular eye examinations for them.

They help in determining whether your kids’ eye muscles are developing normally or being attacked by any kind of discrepancies or disorders.

Eye exams for Children
Eye exams for Children

As per the recent health surveys, a child should be taken for regular eye tests as early as when he is six months old. For infants, their eye muscles are developed quickly but their ability to understand what they see comes later on. Hence, it should go without saying that eye care is of utmost important for the overall development of an infant child.

For children who are getting ready to begin school, it is advised to go in for eye examination for your kids to know if their eyes are weak. According to US health survey, every one in four child suffers from one or the other eye disorder. Thus as soon as your child reaches the age of 3, start taking him to ophthalmologist for getting his eyes checked.

Lifestyle changes

In today’s times the kind of exposure digital media has is exponential. As a matter of fact, smartphones, laptops, desktops, computers, television etc. pose a severe threat to our child’s eye sight. Children tend to develop refractive disorders and become dependent on glasses at such a small age.

Computer vision syndrome is another ill effect of today’s hazardous digitization. Children who are found working on computers and television for long hours tend to develop severe fatigue, red eyes, headaches and blurred vision. This condition though can be treated by counseling and monitoring, it can be avoided with proper guidance and early detection. In fact all these conditions can be avoided with regular eye examinations.

Sharp sight centre is a 14 year old medical establishment which professes the importance of regular eye tests for adults as well as children. The hospital with its 7 branches spread across India houses one of the most advanced diagnostics centres whereupon you will find state of the art infrastructure, experienced ophthalmologists and highly trained staff.

Sharp sight centre is the best thing that can happen to your child. They have a tremendously bankable staff who is well trained to deal with any kind of child eye health care troubles.

Remember, your adolescent kid is dependent upon you. It is your duty thus to provide him with the best protection possible. And sharp sight centre with its eye health care packages for children will prove to be the right guiding force for you to achieve a health shield for your child’s eyes!

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