Why Should You Take Care Of Glaucoma?

Usually, when the term eye disease comes up, most people recall the names of only few popular eye disorders like cataract, sty and blurred vision due to an allergy or infection. Very few must be aware with the term glaucoma let alone basic knowledge about this very dangerous and common eye disease affecting people in old age as well as a chronic disorder.

Glaucoma when explained in simpler words is a disease which affects the optic nerve of the eye. This is a chronic disease which over a long period of time have an adverse effect on the vision of a person causing blurriness and sometimes permanent blindness if remain untreated for long.

Who are at risk from Glaucoma?

Normally, glaucoma affects people in older age group especially those suffering from diabetes as it affects the blood vessels of the eye same as glaucoma.

People with hereditary or genetic disorder can be borne with this condition and can develop glaucoma in a young age as well.

Since the disease takes time to develop, people with chronic eye disorders and those who have experienced vision loss continuously throughout their lives are also quite high at risk from glaucoma.


Why taking care of glaucoma is important?

The state of glaucoma occurs when the fluids in the eye stop draining naturally. This blockage in the eye builds a pressure inside which damages the blood vessels of the eye. Due to this damage, the vision becomes blurred and a person can become blind permanently.

The damage caused by an untreated glaucoma is quite serious as it is irreparable. The lost vision cannot be restored at any costs. It is much better thus to keep your eyes protected against this disease by going in for regular eye checkups.

It is not easy to identify glaucoma as it doesn’t show symptoms for many years. However, with annual regular eye exams conducted at hospitals like Sharp Sight Centre in Delhi, glaucoma can be detected in its early stages and a proper course of action usually surgery is planned.

Types of glaucoma

There are basically 2 types

Open angled glaucoma-The most common type of glaucoma to affect a majority of population, this type of glaucoma is slow and progressive in nature with its symptoms taking many years to surface.

Closed angle glaucoma– It is rare form of glaucoma triggered by severe eye trauma or injury. The effects of it are quite fast and lead to instant loss of vision, sometimes permanent.

Neovascular glaucoma and hereditary glaucoma are two other types of glaucoma.


Very hard to distinguish its symptoms but usually indicated by temporary loss of vision, redness and dryness in eyes etc.


Sharp Sight Centre in Delhi/NCR, India professes best glaucoma treatments in the country that will eradicate the problem effectively. Laser surgery like laser peripheral iridotomy, laser cyclophocogulation and microsurgery along with intraocular eye drips are some of the best glaucoma eye treatments in Delhi, India by the centre.

Taking care of glaucoma is essential for the complete healthcare of your eyes!

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