Touchless Lasik

Touchless Lasik

Are you looking for a contact lens or specs removal procedure? Now, get your vision corrected with the advanced Touchless Lasik Technology, available exclusively at Sharp Sight (Group of Eye Hospitals). Through this latest “no cut, no pain” Touchless Lasik , no incision is made upon the eye and therefore, there is less damage caused to the surrounding tissues that may otherwise take longer to heal. Also, during the glasses removal procedure, there is no corneal flap created and the surgery is totally guided by a computer program. Thus, no human hands or any kind of error cause any risk to the eyes. Infact, the Touchless Laser Eye Surgery is the simplest specs removal operation than many other laser eye procedures in ophthalmology and the specs removal treatment takes hardly few seconds to complete as only ‘laser light’ is used during the procedure. Besides, you do not have to spend hours in the outpatient area of the eye hospital.

Why Choose Touchless Lasik

  • In Lasik and Femtosecond Lasik Laser techniques, corneal tissue in an eye is cut by a special knife or a laser beam and then the corrective eye surgery is performed.
  • Whereas in Touchless Lasik treatment none of these procedures are carried out and therefore, the surgery gets completed in a single step only.
  • Looking at a distant light source for less than 50 seconds is sufficient for this specs/contact lens removal procedure.
  • The method reduces the risk of progressive thinning of cornea or development of high astigmatism to almost zero.
  • The risk of retinal tear is completely eliminated, which is caused by vacuum (aspiration) ring that is necessarily applied to the eye in Lasik and Femtosecond procedures.

Benefits Of Touchless Laser Surgery

  • Touchless Lasik procedure gets completed within a few seconds.
  • It is a comparatively painless way of getting rid of spectacles.
  • The eye is neither scratched nor is the membrane resected during the treatment.
  • Bilateral eyes are treated in the same session.
  • It is safe for patients with the thin cornea.
  • Risk of astigmatism is almost zero.
  • Risk of retinal tear is zero.
  • Touchless Lasik treatment is well-suited for individuals with myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism.
  • Severity of Dry Eye that develops following the therapy is almost negligible and temporary.