Our Services

Sharp Sight Centres have successfully carved a niche for themselves in the big world of ophthalmology in our country. As a matter of fact, the ever rising footfall of international patients at our various centres has granted us the recognition in the foreign circles as well.

At sharp sight centre group of eye hospitals our focus has always been towards developing futuristic eye care facilities accessible by everyone with an ease. We define ourselves as a fiercely dedicated band of surgeons, medical practitioners, attendants and management team who are well equipped and trained to provide one of the best eye care services in the country to our patients both domestic and international.

We specialize not only in laser vision correction and cataract treatments but also provide a slew of other eye care services like Glaucoma and cornea treatment, squint, lazy eye correction, occuplasty and vetororetina surgery etc.


At Sharp Sight Centres we provide a slew of cataract laser surgeries that take care of various stages of this eye disease and effectively restore your vision to near perfect with minimum of hassle, time and cost. At present we provide aberration free IOL, S-MICS, TORIC IOL, Multifocal IOL and Crystalens IOL surgeries under the guidance of our highly experienced surgeons. Know more about cataract surgical options.

Refractive/Spectacle Removal

We excel in LASIK one the most advanced technologies for spectacle removal in the world that involves immediate recovery with no pain at all. At Sharp Sight Centres we lay special emphasis on the needs of our patients and have successfully performed many refractive correction surgeries over the 13 years using Blade free Femto LASIK, LASIK, ICL and CLE techniques. Learn more about LASIK.


We have made many advances in the field of treating retinal disorders with an excellent understanding of diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment and its treatment. Learn more about retinal disorders.


Sharp Sight Centres take the disease of Glaucoma both open angle and close angle very seriously as it can lead to permanent loss of vision. We have laser trabeculoplasty, Glaucoma implant surgery, non penetrating Glaucoma surgery and conventional surgery for treating glaucoma patients even in late stages. Learn more about our glaucoma treatment.


To save you from the pathos of Keratoconus that leads to distorted or loss of eye vision, we perform Cross link C3R surgery with the aid of advanced machinery and expert doctors. Know more about corneal transplantation surgery.

Pediatric Ophthalmology

Save your child the pain of suffering from a lazy eye and prevent his habit of squinting at things. Learn more about pediatric ophthalmology treatments.


Structure your eyes the way you want. Get rid of unwanted eye tissues. Learn more about our occuplasty surgery.

Flashes and Floaters

Remove those pesky floating things troubling your line of vision [most probably a flash or a floater with the aid of our well renowned flashes and floaters treatment. Know more about flashes and floaters.

Sharp Sight Centres are dedicated towards their patients and making them see the world better!