Crystalens IOL For Presbyopia

Crystalens IOL For Presbyopia

When it comes to specialised Cataract Surgery in Delhi NCR, Sharp Sight (Group of Eye Hospitals) is the most preferred choice. With the use of world-class technology and introduction of Crystalens accommodating intraocular lenses for Cataract Surgery, Sharp Sight eye hospital has stepped up the game and how! Now, we also offer the latest range of Crystalens HD intraocular lenses for enhanced, high-quality vision at all distances – near, far and intermediate.

What is Crystalens IOL?

Crystalens, the only accommodating intraocular lens can treat both cataracts and presbyopia. Presbyopia is a condition in which the normally flexible lens looses its elasticity and becomes rigid. While a normal lens is able to flex and “accommodate” for focusing on close objects, in presbyopia patients, the lens loses its flexibility and makes it more difficult to see up close.

Crystalens IOL treats cataract and additionally, it reduces or eliminates the need to use glasses for refractive errors. It does so by mimicking accommodation similar to the eye’s natural lens. Infact, post-Crystalens implantation most of the activities such as reading, driving, working on the computer, etc., can be performed with much ease.

Any individual who has a Cataract and has been approved for Monofocal lens but has never had cataract surgery before can be considered for Crystalens IOL implantation. However, this can only be confirmed by your cataract specialist after performing certain eye tests.

Why Choose Crystalens?

  • It provides a broad range of vision.
  • The only IOL to use the natural focusing ability of the eye. This accommodation allows the eye to focus on objects across a broad range of distances thereby reducing or eliminating dependency on glasses.
  • The only IOL that works the best for Cataract as well as Presbyopia.
  • Unlike Multifocal IOL that projects multiple images, Crystalens focuses only one image.
  • It offers clarity of vision as it directs all available light received by the eye to a single focal point.
  • The Crystalens procedure offers excellent results with patients regaining distance vision that ranges between 20/20 – 20/40.

There are few patients with Crystalens who experienced problems with glare, halos and night vision. Crystalens focuses only one image to the back of the eye, unlike a multifocal lens that projects multiple images, requiring your brain to “adjust” to the differences.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is so peculiar about Crystalens IOL?
    Crystalens implantation during cataract surgery can treat both cataract and presbyopia. Presbyopia is commonly seen in people who are in the forties. It’s a condition in which the lens looses its elasticity and becomes more rigid. Crystalens is the only artificial lens that is capable of recreating flexible movements similar to the natural lens of the eye. This reduces or eliminates dependency on glasses. With the Crystalens implantation during cataract surgery, one can get back to doing activities such as reading, driving, etc.
  • How will Crystalens implantation enhance my cataract surgery?
    Crystalens not only gives you freedom from cataract but it also offers a full range of enhanced vision that reduces/eliminates your need for glasses.
  • Am I a good candidate for Crystalens IOL?
    This can only be confirmed by your cataract specialist after performing certain eye tests. However, if you have no serious health ailments and never had cataract surgery before you could be considered for Crystalens implantation.
  • How is Crystalens different from other IOLs?
    Crystalens is the only ‘accommodating’ intraocular lens which functions like the lens of our eyes. Besides, it offers better chances of eliminating your dependency on glasses especially if you have presbyopia. And, going by our happy patients’ Crystalens IOL reviews and feedback, the IOL offers the enhanced and clear vision.
  • Like all other IOLs does Crystalens IOL too causes halos and glare?
    Yes, IOLs can create some degree of halos and glare. Though the possibility is much less in case of Crystalens as compared to others.
  • Do I need to get hospitalised if I choose cataract surgery with Crystalens implant?
    Not at all because modern day Cataract surgeries are an ‘outpatient’ procedure which barely takes 15-20 minutes. Infact, if you choose Crystalens, in 15 minutes you are able to get rid of both cataract and presbyopia.
  • Is Femto Laser-assisted cataract surgery painful?
    No. Cataract surgery may get uncomfortable, but it is definitely not painful. Infact, to know how exactly the procedure takes place, you may check our Crystalens cataract surgery video or our patient reviews.
  • How soon can I return to my work after cataract surgery?Cataract surgery offers fast healing and instant results. Hence you will be able to return back to doing your normal daily activities, such as reading and driving, etc., in maximum 2-3 days.

Are there any precautions to be followed post cataract surgery?

Definitely, but only minor precautions. These include

  • Do not touch/rub your eyes.
  • Do not lift heavy objects such that it puts pressure on your eye muscles.
  • You can shower but strictly avoid swimming or sauna.
  • Do not let soap/shampoo enter your eyes.
  • Avoid using eye makeup for few weeks.
  • And most importantly, do not skip your follow-up visits to your eye doctor.

For queries on Cataract surgery with Crystalens implants, cost of Crystalens lens implant or to seek an appointment with our cataract specialist, speak to our representative.