Intacs Keratoconus

Intacs Keratoconus

Intacs or Intracorneal rings are thin, semi-circular, plastic inserts which are designed in such a way that when surgically placed in the affected cornea, these help in the reduction or elimination of irregularities caused due to Keratoconus by reshaping or flattening the bulging cornea. These corneal implants is an effective treatment option for Keratoconus patients as it improves their vision without causing any damage to the corneal tissue. However, in few extreme cases, glasses or contact lenses may still be required for the best visual results.

Advantage – Intacs Over Corneal Transplant

Unlike corneal transplant which is a surgical procedure and requires a donor tissue, the Intacs procedure is much simpler and far less invasive. It helps to reshape the curve of the Keratoconus-affected cornea with the help of specially designed corneal inserts which provide strength to the weakened cornea. As a result, objects in the distance, which once appeared blurry, become sharp and clear.

The recovery period following Intacs eye surgery is short and it offers an immediate visual improvement. Therefore, it is highly recommended to choose Intacs to treat Keratoconus. However, if following Intacs procedure, visual outcome is not as desired by the surgeon or the patient, then a corneal transplant can still be performed.

At Sharp Sight (Group of Eye Hospitals), we offer most effective Intacs eye surgery in Delhi NCR and our corneal surgeons are best Intacs doctors who specialise in treating Keratoconus. Infact our expert surgeons have undergone a specific training to treat Keratoconus with the Intacs procedure. Thus we ensure minimum Intacs side-effects and enhanced vision, post-surgery.

Intacs Procedure

The Intacs procedure in each eye takes about 15 minutes. At the beginning, the doctor may use drops so as to numb the eye and the surrounding area. A single but small incision is made in the cornea followed by which Intacs are gently placed with utmost precision with the aid of centering guide that is placed on the eye’s surface. The cornea is then closed with a single stitch.

Post-Intacs eye surgery, follow-up visits are scheduled so as to monitor the healing process. Patients are usually able to resume their daily activities after two to three days of surgery.

For Intacs, there is no maintenance required as these are designed to be left in the eye permanently. However, these can be removed if the patient is not satisfied with the visual outcome or for some other reason. At Sharp Sight (Group of Eye Hospitals), we offer our patients the most competitive and affordable Intacs eye surgery cost in India.

Intacs Post LASIK

Most people are satisfied with LASIK and PRK, however, a small percentage of patients may still have certain vision problems after these laser procedures. Treatment through Intacs after LASIK laser surgery helps to cure such cases.