Bladeless Femto Cataract

Bladeless Femto Cataract 

Highly Precise, Hassle-Free Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Cataract !

Cataracts not only affect your eyesight but if left untreated they may even cause a gradual loss of vision. And, the only way to get rid of cataracts is through a cataract removal surgery. Now, getting rid of cataract becomes 100% bladefree, painless and hassle-free through the latest Femtosecond Laser Technique.

India’s leading chain of eye hospitals, Sharp Sight (Group of Eye Hospitals) is the pioneer in Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery (FLACS), the cutting edge technology of bladeless cataract surgery. The procedure uses laser rays to break the lens apart into tiny bits, following which a new artificial lens, called intraocular lens (IOL) is implanted in the eye. Of late, Femto lasers played a crucial role in LASIK vision correction surgery, but now the latest technology of Femto laser is successfully being used in Cataract Surgery too.

The bladeless cataract surgery offers quick recovery and excellent visual results. Besides, the groundbreaking technology has brought new levels of safety, accuracy, and predictability to Cataract Surgery thereby, minimising discomfort caused to the patients. This bladeless femto cataract surgery is by far the most advanced, safe and the best technique for cataract removal.

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Why Choose Bladeless Femto Cataract ?

  • It is 100% no-blade, no-pain, and no-bandage procedure.
  • Surgical procedure takes place in less than 5 minutes.
  • All openings/entry parts are made with the Femto laser; use of mechanical blades is obsolete.
  • It is highly precise surgery.
  • Incisions are computer programmed, leaving no margin for error.
  • It causes NO damage to the cornea.
  • Femto Laser technology treats even the most complicated cases with precision.
  • It offers fast recovery which reduces any scope for post-surgery infection and eliminates post-operative astigmatism.

Sharp Sight (Group of Eye Hospitals), the best eye hospital for Femto Cataract Surgery in Delhi NCR takes pride in being one of the very few eye hospitals in the country to acquire FDA approved LENSAR technology. Post surgery patient is able to see clearly in a matter of a few minutes. Also, we have a wide range of best cataract lenses in India to match your unique lifestyle needs.

At Sharp Sight, we emphasise on ‘quality treatment’ at ‘affordable cost’. Our eye hospitals are fully equipped with the latest machines and we have a team of skilled and best cataract surgeons in India who help you choose an IOL based on your unique lifestyle needs. Infant, our bladeless cataract surgery cost is pocket-friendly and at par with international standards. So, if you are looking for an eye hospital that offers affordable femto laser cataract surgery or best doctor for cataract surgery in Delhi NCR, contact us.

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Three-Steps to Bladeless Laser Cataract

Step 1: Corneal Incision

The bladeless femto cataract surgery starts with the corneal incision- the ophthalmologist makes use of a metallic blade to create the incision that allows access to the inside of the eye. Use of femtosecond laser reduces the risk of inaccuracy, bleeding and inflammation thereby allowing for a better healing process.

Step 2: Capsulotomy

Using femtosecond laser in this step allows minimal damage to surrounding tissue which is also used to hold the artificial intraocular lens in place forever. Besides, the use of a femtosecond laser in this step allows better stability and adding great value to the final visual acuity.

Step 3: Cataract Fragmentation

Using femtosecond laser in this step allows the surgeon to use the minimal incision size possible to break down the cataract. Softening the cataract as it breaks up into smaller fragments decreases the risk for incision distortion.

Intra Ocular Lens (IOL) Options Available for Bladeless Cataract Surgery

Monofocal Lens

This is the basic type of artificial lens implanted after cataract surgery and is designed to provide clear distance vision. However, you may need reading glasses for close detailed work.

Toric Monofocal Lens

This lens is used to correct corneal astigmatism. It corrects distance vision and cylindrical power (if any). Based on your power, you may require glasses for near and intermediate work.

Aspheric Lens

Most Aspheric lenses have a spherical surface that can induce aberrations in vision. Aspheric lens ensures better quality vision, night vision, and enhanced contrast sensitivity.

Multifocal Lens

These lenses are designed to help to see clearly at near, intermediate and far distance, thereby reducing the dependency on glasses.

Multifocal Toric Lens

This corrects cataract and astigmatism besides providing clear vision for near, intermediate and far distance. It also reduces the dependency on glasses.

Femto Laser Cataract

At Sharp Sight (Group of Eye Hospitals), the best hospital for femto cataract surgery in Delhi, the price of cataract surgery depends upon a couple of factors, such as the age of an individual, the intraocular lens chosen as well as the previous history of eye procedures. However, the exact price of the cataract surgery can be determined by visiting our hospital and seeking an appointment with our cataract surgeons in Delhi who will give you an exact cost estimate.

Femto Laser Cataract Surgery In A Glance

  • Procedure Time: Almost 20 minutes
  • Results: Long-lasting clear vision
  • Recovery Time: Less than a month.