Keratoconus is a progressive condition of eyes which is caused when the otherwise round cornea bulges out into an irregular cone due to its excessive thinning. Its the conical shape in a Keratoconus-affected eye that causes distorted vision, primarily because it restricts the light (entering into our eyes) from being focused correctly on the retina. Therefore, in a Keratoconus-affected cornea, light rays enter the eye at different angles instead of one focused point. However, in its earlier stages, the disorder causes blurred or distorted vision which progresses if left untreated.

As Keratoconus progresses, it affects both eyes differently and its first signs are usually felt in mid-to-late teens. However, with the progression of the condition, the cornea ends up bulging out more thereby, affecting vision severely. In some cases, the cornea may swell and cause a sudden and significant loss of vision.

Soft contact lenses are generally prescribed to correct mild vision changes caused due to Keratoconus. Later, as the disorder progresses and cornea continues to become conical, rigid gas permeable contact lenses are to be used. However, to maintain a healthy eyesight and arrest the progression of Keratoconus, it’s important to get your eyes checked up regularly.