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Our Commitment

Our Commitment


As one of our core values, we place this issue of safety at the top of the list. We follow all the international protocols of safety. We do not compromise in this regard at all, your safety is of paramount importance for us. We are also well versed with dealing with patients who have had a less than ideal outcome from other centres.


The Sharp Sight Group of Hospitals take pride putting together one of the best teams in India to provide ultra modern eye surgeries, our surgeons are thoroughly trained Cataract and Refractive surgeons and have performed thousands of successful such procedures.

Some surgeons in our team are consultants to top leader in technology in India and abroad, and are members of Apex bodies and trainers to fellow ophthalmologists all over India and abroad. The whole team of surgeons at sharp sight from all the sub specialities are interested in satisfying your visual needs. We perform a thorough (and sometimes lengthy) evaluation to ensure accuracy of all the treatments that we offer.

As a testament to our expertise we regularly look after patients who need complicated surgical procedures and have been referred to us from our fellow colleagues. As an academic and training centre we present and exchange our work nationally and internationally. Owing to the high degree of professionalism and expertise, we have had patients from other parts of the world as well.

We strive to give consistently good outcomes.


We at Sharp Sight Group are committed to deliver the best of eye care with compassion, warmth and professional expertise. Our teams will tailor all out treatments to suit your visual requirements and budgets. Our surgical teams constantly strive to provide you a satisfying experience and make a difference to you. We at Sharp Sight empower you with complete details of your treatment and help you take the right decisions.

All treatments are individually tailored to suit the patients based on their age, visual requirements & financial ability to spend, etc. As a part of social responsibility we conduct regular eye camps, public lectures on eye care awareness conduct free/subsidized surgeries for under privileged of the society.

At Sharp Sight Centres “We look after you”.


True to our motto we have some of the worlds latest and advanced technology in eye care especially in the fields of Cataract and Lasik Surgery. We were also at the forefront of Injection less and stitch less Cataract Surgery in India. We also have many firsts in the area of getting new technology and equipments in India to our credit.

Since some of our medical directors are consultants to Bausch and Lomb and many other technology houses, thus we have access to the latest available technology and equipments, including some of the latest machines and IOL’s etc. We ensure that at Sharp Sight we have the best and the latest technology available for our esteemed patients.