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Optometry Internship Programme Overview

12 months Program

  • 1 month of coursework along with clinical observation
  • 11 months of clinical posting in various department

Program Structure

  • During the 12 month of clinical training, after 1 month of pre-clinical training each trainee each trainee will be rotated through comprehensive, subspecialty clinics for practical-based training.
Program Details:
Eligibility Completed 3 years of Bachelor in Optometry (without any backlog/s) from a recognized university
Selection Process On merit basis through admission examination
No. of seats 40 per year
Duration One year
Mode of study Full time Regular Rotational Clinical postings.
Course Commencement 1st week of July
Internship locations Sharp Sight network including tertiary, secondary and primary eye care centres.
Course fee INR 50,000/- per year
Stipend INR 3000/- per month
Mode of payment Online Transfer / Demand Draft
  • Study materials provided
  • CME Programs
  • Interactive sessions with senior faculty
  • Wider clinical / academic exposure

Course Details

Learning Objective
  1. Be able to develop skills to provide Comprehensive eye examination.
    • Be able to correct refraction error and provide spectacle power.
    • To carry out Ophthalmic investigations.
    • To impart knowledge with regard to common eye diseases.
    • To impart knowledge on treatment modalities from the perspective of counselling.
    • To acquire knowledge about the referral guidelines for Ocular and systemic conditions.
  2. Be able to have adequate knowledge to fit, assess, prescribe and dispense Contact lenses for refractive correction.
  3. Be able to assess low vision and provide comprehensive low vision care.
  4. Be able to do basic binocular vision assessment, help co-manage non-strabismic binocular vision anomalies and make appropriate referral where surgery is warranted.
  5. Have knowledge of counselling on Visual/Ocular hygiene, nutritional and environmental modifications.
  6. To provide exposure and knowledge in research process in eye health care area.
List of Documents Required
  1. Bonafide Certificate from College
  2. Up to 5th Semester Mark sheets
  3. Transaction reference details for online transfer payments
  4. Once selected, the candidate has to submit an NOC from concerned college
Department for Postings
  1. Comprehensive Clinic:

    It consists of mostly walk-in patients which help in building up knowledge about proper skills of history taking in different cases, Soft skills in patient management, visual acuity assessment in different age group, differentiating pathologies, trail frame adjustments etc.

  2. Cornea and Anterior Segment Clinic:

    Focus on evaluation and optometric management of anterio-segment related diseases. Slit examination & findings (Mapping of corneal diseases, Angle pathologies, lenticular pathologies, retro-lenticular pathologies)

    Refraction and investigations for special cases like corneal ectatic condition, refractive surgeries etc.

  3. Posterior Segment Clinic:

    It mainly comprises of Retina (Distant Direct Opthalmoscopy) & Glaucoma department (Applanation tonometry, NCT findings, Schiotz, Digital tonometry) which focuses on evaluation & management of posterior segment diseases along with the some specials skills like Gonio and interpretation of different reports.

  4. Specialty Clinics (Binocular Vision, Contact lens, Low Vision):

    Orthoptics Workup:

    It focuses on fitting and dispensing of different contact lens such as soft, RGP, RoseK, miniscleral.

    It focuses on trial and dispensing of different low vision aids along with counselling. Also, enhances knowledge about rehabilitation.

  5. Diagnostic Clinic:

    It focuses on enhancing skills of interpretation of reports and operating different machines like Biometry, B-Scan, pachymetry, OCT, pentacam, Wavescan, UBM, FFA, I-tracey.