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Best Eye Hospital in Shahdara

Sharp Sight is the best eye hospital in Shahdara offers comprehensive primary and sub-speciality eye treatments at affordable cost. In fact, being the best eye hospital in Shahdara, we have always strived to offer quality and advanced surgical procedures to our patients suffering from various eye diseases or injuries. Since our inception in 1998, we have always lived up to our credibility of being the top eye hospital in Shahdara. We provide treatment and care thats at par with international standards for various eye diseases including Cataract, LASIK, Glaucoma treatment, Squint, Diabetic Retinopathy, Lazy Eye, etc.

Sharp Sight is the best eye hospital in Shahdara offers comprehensive primary and sub-specialty eye treatments at affordable cost. Being the best eye hospital in Shahdara, we have always strived to offer quality and advanced surgical procedures to our patients suffering from various eye diseases or injuries.

Our Services

› Cataract Surgery :

At Sharp Sight Eye Hospital, we offer reliable and safest cataract surgery through both conventional and advanced laser techniques, which assure excellent visual results. The surgery barely takes 15 minutes and during the procedure, the cataract-affected lens is removed painlessly and replaced with an artificial lens, called the Intraocular Lens (IOL).

› Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment :

It is a condition that occurs when diabetes causes damage to the retina. When blood sugar levels are high they can damage the retina, leading to blindness. To diagnose and assess the severity of diabetic retinopathy treatment, our retina specialists at Sharp Sight do extensive eye examinations.

› LASIK Surgery :

Refractive error of eyes like nearsightedness or myopia, farsightedness or hyperopia, and cylindrical error or astigmatism can cause a lot of trouble. At our eye centre, we provide a bladeless LASIK surgery that is completely painless and stitch-less and offer instant results and excellent visual outcome.

› Glaucoma Treatment :

Glaucoma is a condition that occurs when the optic nerve is injured. With our complete eye examination, our ophthalmologists can help you reduce your risk of glaucoma. Don’t let glaucoma rob you of your sight.

› Oculoplasty :

Our eyes’ function is occasionally influenced by their structure. Oculoplasty is a procedure that improves the structure of the eye so that it can operate normally.

› Squint eyes :

It is a condition in which an infant’s eyes are not aligned. Squint might result in a lifelong abnormality if it is not recognized and corrected in the early years. As a result, our paediatric ophthalmologists recommend regular eye exams for children.

Facilities at Sharp Eye Hospital, Durgapuri (Shahdara)

  • Sharp Sight eye centre in Shahdara is a patient-friendly super speciality hospital. It is designed specially, keeping elderly patients in mind.
  • Our Shahdara eye hospital has state of the art diagnostic machines and advanced laser technology for laser eye procedures.
  • We have a team of leading and the best eye specialist in Shahdara- with minimum 10+ years of experience.
  • We are the best eye hospital to provide minimally invasive eye surgeries.
  • Our eye care centre in Shahdara is centrally air-conditioned and has comfortable recovery suites for our daycare patients.
  • Additionally, we have a provision of counsellor to help you understand your eye procedure and make better choices.
  • We are the best eye clinic in Shahdara in terms of treatment options and affordability. We allow our patients to select payment option convenient to them during the time of admission/registration. We also provide EMI facility on selected eye procedures.
  • Sharp Sight eye hospital in Durgapuri (Shahdara) has dedicated departments for separate specialties. For instance, we understand the management of paediatric eye problem requires expert knowledge and therefore, we have a dedicated paediatric department with a team of experienced child eye specialist in Shahdara hospital.
  • All facilities, right from a diagnostic lab, OPD, OT, optical outlet to cafeteria are available at our eye clinic in Shahdara.
  • We have a qualified and certified optometrist at our eye test centre in Shahdara.
  • We are easily accessible and are well-connected with Delhi Metro and local bus service. Also, for the convenience of our patients, we have ample parking space at our hospital premises.

Be it a Bladeless LASIK Laser Surgery treatment that you are looking for, or an eye doctor in Shahdara who specialises at Cataract and Lens Replacement Surgery, do not delay and contact us! Whatever your requirement, at Sharp Sight Centre Shahdara (New Delhi), we ensure you are well taken care of by one of our best eye specialist in Shahdara.

What Makes Sharp Sights Eye Clinic In Shahdara Different?

At Sharp Sight, the best eye hospital in Durgapuri (Shahdara), we will give you many reasons to choose us. Apart from providing the latest and modern eye treatments, we make sure you go back home with excellent vision and completely healed. And, for the purpose, we also schedule and remind you (only if you like) of your follow-up visit, well in advance.

  • We are the most trusted and Government approved eye hospital in Shahdara.
  • Our eye care hospital in Shahdara assures safety and quality. We are No. 1 NABH accredited and CGHS approved eye centre in Shahdara.
  • Our team of an eye doctor in Durgapuri, Shahdara is qualified, exceptional and experienced. They are the best and renowned in the industry.
  • We are ECHS impaneled eye hospital in Shahdara. Also, we are the most preferred CGHS impaneled eye hospital in Shahdara.
  • We offer total eye health care, right from eye testing in Shahdara to surgery for critical eye ailments- at a cost-effective price.
  • We follow ethical pricing at our eye hospital and offer EMI facility with 0% finance for our few selective eye treatments.
  • We offer efficient services before, during and after your eye treatment gets over.

So, don’t get confused with the exhaustive list of the eye hospital in Shahdara that’s available on the Internet. For uncompromised vision care in Shahdara or for a reliable eye clinic in Delhi near Shahdara, choose Sharp Sight is the best eye hospital in North Shahdara. You may also check our eye care hospital in Shahdara (Sharp Sight Centre Durgapuri Shahdara ) reviews on the website.

Still looking for an eye doctor near me in Durgapuri Shahdara or eye hospitals near Shahdara? Well, put an end to it and choose Sharp Sight – one of the top eye hospitals in Shahdara. For queries on eye problems/treatments or for an appointment with our eye specialists, speak to our front desk.

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