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Best Eye Hospital in East Delhi (Preet Vihar)

Sharp Sight Eye Hosptial, one of the best eye hospital in East Delhi provides a complete spectrum of eye care facilities under one roof. Established in 1998, we serve our patients with utmost compassion and care. We are quality-driven NABH accredited and CGHS approved eye hospital in East Delhi that’s backed by the latest diagnostic equipment’s and cutting-edge technology to facilitate fast and complete recovery of our patients.

But, if you still wonder what makes us the best eye hospital in East Delhi, seek an appointment with our team of renowned eye specialist doctor in East Delhi who can even deal with the most critical of eye problems. Infact, our team of eye specialist doctor in East Delhi (Preet Vihar) have an outstanding academic record which is backed by their international exposure and years of hands-on experience. Besides, Sharp Sight Eye Care Centre in Preet Vihar (New Delhi), is located in the heart of East Delhi, which makes it well-connected to the adjoining areas of Laxmi Nagar, Preet Vihar, Nirman Vihar and other parts of Delhi.

Sharp Sight Eye Care Hospital in Preet Vihar Delhi is Ideal Choice for Eye Treatments

  • We provide latest and minimally invasive eye treatments.
  • Our treatments are affordable and cost-effective.
  • We are centrally located and well-connected eye hospital in East Delhi.
  • We have a team of competent and best eye specialist in East Delhi.
  • Our hospitals are manned by qualified paramedical and support staff.
  • Our dedicated pediatric department is headed by a team of best child eye specialist in Nirman Vihar Delhi.
  • We are a Government approved one of the best eye hospitals in Preet Vihar Delhi.
  • Sharp Sight East Delhi eye hospital has facilities like OPD unit, optical outlet, pharmacy, emergency, and cafeteria, etc.
  • We have state-of-the-art operation theatres, well-equipped diagnostic laboratories, and patient-friendly infrastructure.
  • We are the most preferred ECHS empanelled eye hospital in East Delhi.

If you are still looking for eye clinic near Preet Vihar or eye specialist doctor in Preet Vihar, then look no further! Contact Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals and seek an appointment with our experienced and best eye specialist in East Delhi. We are one of the top eye hospitals in East Delhi to offer painless, minimally-invasive procedures. Besides, our eye care clinic in East Delhi has an outstanding track record. For more information, check Sharp Sight centre Preet Vihar reviews and patient testimonials, at our hospital website.

Our Services

› Cataract Surgery :

Initially cataracts may impact a small portion of the eye but soon it can become the for complete blindness. At our centre in Preet Vihar, we offer 100% safe and bladeless cataract surgery.

› Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment :

Diabetes and eye damage go hand in hand. Excess sugar levels may cause diabetic retinopathy that could also result in blindness. At Sharp Sight, our retina specialists conduct comprehensive eye examinations to detect and access the severity of diabetic retinopathy.

› LASIK Surgery :

Care of glasses and contact lens can be very stressful. With our hassle-free LASIK eyeglass removal surgery get rid of the burden of glasses and contact lens.

› Glaucoma Treatment :

Optic nerves are vital for good vision and a group of eye conditions can damage it. When the optic nerve gets damaged, it is known as Glaucoma. Our ophthalmologists help you lower the chances of glaucoma through our comprehensive eye check-ups. Don’t let glaucoma take away your vision.

› Cornea Treatment :

The outer layer of the eye is called Cornea. It is the most delicate part of the eye as it can get injured even with a tiny dust particle. At Sharp Sight, we offer advanced cornea treatments with the help of some finest cornea specialists.

› Oculoplasty :

The function of our eyes sometimes depends upon their structure too. Through oculoplasty, we improve the structure of the eye so that eyes can function without obstructions.

› Paediatric Ophthalmologists :

Squint eyes are a condition where an infant’s eyes aren’t aligned. If Squint is not diagnosed or treated during the early years, then it can cause a permanent defect. Therefore our paediatric ophthalmologists advise comprehensive eye checkups.

Best Eye Treatment at Sharp Sight East Delhi

Sometimes even a little discomfort in the eye causes the disturbance. And in such a panic state you tend to rely more on the Internet than on doctors. But, it’s time you put an end to making random Internet searches like “eye clinic near Preet Vihar”, or “eye specialist doctor in East Delhi”, etc. because when it’s about your eye health, consider only the best!

At Sharp Sight, the best eye hospital in East Delhi, we believe in ‘eliminating needless blindness’ and with this mission we make constant effort to use the newest of technologies that offer promising results for various problems of the eye – from a routine eye check up in East Delhi to treatment of eye problems such as Dry Eye, and Computer Vision Syndrome to bladeless procedures for Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy and Squint, etc. At Sharp Sight, we cater to the eye care needs of people of East Delhi at cost-effective prices. Our goal is to provide unmatched yet uncompromised vision care in East Delhi.

Facilities Available At Our Eye Care Centre in East Delhi

  • We offer exceptional eye care treatments at our eye centre in East Delhi.
  • We are one of the selective few eye hospitals in East Delhi to offer eye treatments such as Robotic Femto and Zepto Technology for cataract and Touchless LASIK Laser for spectacles removal.
  • We offer a wide range of Monofocal and Multifocal IOLs for cataract surgery.
  • We offer effective patient counseling system at our eye care centre in East Delhi. As part of this, our qualified counselors convince hesitant patients to undergo surgery and educate them about the surgical procedure.
  • We have certified optometrists and a team of eye specialist in East Delhi (Preet Vihar).
  • We are a CGHS empanelled eye hospital in East Delhi.
  • Patients can avail easy EMI facility on selective eye care treatments at Sharp Sight hospitals.

So, if you want to make an inquiry at our best eye hospital in East Delhi or book an appointment with the best eye specialist in East Delhi, speak to our representative. Even if you are looking for an eye hospital near Preet Vihar or a Government approved eye clinic in Nirman Vihar, contact us. Our East Delhi Eye Hospital is very well-connected with other parts of Delhi NCR.

Now, book an online appointment with our eye surgeons at Sharp Sight eye hospital closest to your location.

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