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Aberration Free IOL’s

Aberration Free IOL’s

Sharp Sight eye hospital proudly introduces implantation of Aberration Free IOL for Cataract Surgery in Delhi-NCR with improved results and higher rate of success. We believe in moving ahead with times and therefore, have adapted the advanced developments in the field of Cataract Surgery thus making good use of Aspheric Intraocular Lens for better results.


Traditional method of treating cataract

Traditional IOLs, majority of them are spherically aberrated, which means their front and back surfaces are uniformly curved. Hence all the light rays are focused at varying points forming slightly blurred image.

Aspheric IOLs, first launched by Bausch + Lomb in 2004, are slightly flat in the periphery and are designed to provide better CONTRAST SENSITIVITY AND BETTER VISION IN LOW LIGHT CONDITIONS. They achieve this by focusing all the light rays at one common point and forming a crisp aberration free image. The original Bausch + Lomb offering is called the Advanced Optics IOL which are also known as Aberration Free IOLs or Aspheric IOLs.

Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals were among the first few hospitals in the country to start using these advanced IOLs since 2004.

Simulation of how an image in a large pupil (in low light) may appear

Since our introduction of aberration free IOLs many other companies followed suit and promoted other lenses as having the ability to reduce visual aberrations and improving light and visual contrast. They are also advertised with the features, that can improve ability to see in varying light conditions such as rain, snow, fog, twilight and night time darkness.

In elderly patients- After experiencing cloud vision, which is common among cataract patients, this improved image contrast sensitivity is indeed a blessing. But since the ganglion cells of the retina are a major determinant of contrast sensitivity and we gradually tend to lose these cells as we age, over time the contrast sensitivity does seem to decrease a bit.

Hence using advanced lenses with enhanced Contrast definitely benefits these elderly patients.

However, when compared to their elder counterparts, younger patients have more and healthier ganglion cells. Resultantly, post surgery they enjoy a better contrast sensitivity for a longer period of time and make the most of the benefits.

These lenses are known to give a better visual perception even in low light conditions, and are theoretically known to give a better color resolution to the implanted eye. In addition, they are also known to offer many other advantages apart from the ones above mentioned.

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